Your opinion ? 2-Blog / RSS

We have the possibility to integrate blog posts, even automatically via their RSS feeds …

Which do you prefer?
We accept them in the general Lounge, or do you prefer a dedicated Blog, Press section?

Example of rendering :

Most blogs have great but also average posts, so, if automatically posted though RSS, the content would be average.

I see added value in bringing curated, value adding blog posts.

  • Articles could be curated into an app (eg GetPocket; FlipBoard - both have RSS output for auto posting on the forum) + public submission form (so curation is passed to members);
  • filtered for quality (by an admin);
  • Organized by topic (preferably using the same category/tags system as the forum threads;
  • made available to users by 2 choices: 1) separate curated content blog section; 2) inserted into the forum threads between topic discussions (as they are highly qualitative and bring value on a topic, it’s logical to be handy in the topic list)

Hope it helps

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Great ideas , thanks @emil.ivan

  • About curation by readers, sounds like GetPocket and FlipBoard don’t allow to create category on output RSS, only the all unread ou readed feed … Something to check with users …
  • about members submission, forms and waiting a review by mods is possible, I have to digg in the doc :wink:
  • About category, a topic can be moved by any moderation, feel free to test it in the Sandbox,
    or by some automatic script on criterias (like, nbr of comments, etc I have to digg, not yet tested as admin …

Zapier could serve the purpose in the first stage while piloting the function. They have a free package for 100 tasks (Make an RSS feed from tagged Pocket articles | Zapier) - did not try it allows creation of a RSS via RSSGround on GetPocket tag (both apps are free with limited usage, but should be decently OK for start)? (did not use it recently)

Let me know if you are able to filter your rss feed, as soon as you have the link,
share it, I’ll insert it in the Sandbox category for test …

Hi Laurent,
I did the RSS test and here are the proposed flow:
1. Article submission
○ To be done by any user via a simple forum form
○ To be done by admins using a form or the Get Pocket app directly
2. Article qualification:
○ Done by Admin inside GetPocket
○ Creation of tags based on the forum categories and tags
○ Tag used for publishing - “PUBLISH”
3. Article publishing
○ When tagging an article in GetPocket with the Tag “PUBLISH” it will trigger Zapier to add the article to a public RSS that can be imported into the forum
4. Constraint - GetPocket and Zapier do not pass tags further in the feeds, so manual tagging of the blog posts on the forum will be necessary

Tools used:
1. (free edition) - has everything in
○ Activate RSS function (private and pw protected)
2. (free edition) - limited to 100 tasks per month
○ Public RSS feed (to be imported in the forum blog section - Test Sales Forum
○ Saved template of the zap -

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Let’s go, salesty it :stuck_out_tongue:
your feed is integrated in the Sandbox Category

Great, it works well!
Thanks a lot! :heart_eyes:

This is how I imagine things …

  • A group of members will have a moderator privilege
  • Each of their feeds will be automatically integrated in a News Category
  • At first, these members will be able to decide which articles are the most interesting, and move them into the Lounge.
  • Then, I will look at what can be automated, based on the number of comments, or with a likes system
  • members will of course be able to submit via a form
    if it does not represent too much work for the group, to be tested

What do you think about it?

Sounds like a good/transparent flow.

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I need to see how the forms work, it’s in todo-list, as soon as, I deploy this. For this group of members, do you have an idea of name ? Tell me, and you will be the leader :slight_smile:

Alternative tool :, like Zapier, is free for 1000 ops by month
Could connect RSS to our Discourse RSS entry point
and offer a lot of optionnal steps if needed

A lot of automation is also possible inside Discourse, I have to dig in …
It’s a new toy for me :slight_smile:

Indeed, it’s great that you have the crédit of the share with your rss
Now, as moderateur, you could move the topic in some other category and add your preferred tags

Too bad, the plugin is very demanding on the content, bugs quite easily, despite an update, I still have some messages in the log file… To see if it holds in the duration…