Time Hacking is in the new trend!

Since the end of the pandemic, the end of mandatory telecommuting, many employees have become aware of the importance of time. There will be no turning back, not with this generation anyway!

This is especially true for salespeople who are subject to results-based obligations, whose kpi are particularly monitored.

One of the slippages often noticed concerns the speudo after-works, which are nothing more or less than overtime …

In France, with the constraint of the 35h per week, and the imperatives of productivity of the strongly taxed companies. Time hacking is as successful as growth hacking, and automation in general.

I don’t have time is often a response from salespeople that reflects a reality.

Companies need to rethink their priorities, have sales people on the ground or filling out reports. To offer quality, intense but effective training, and not expect their teams to do this on their own time, etc.

Are you under time pressure too? What are your tips for saving time?