The return of our GiveAways

If you’re a member of the Salesty community, you already know it’s a valuable resource for salespeople, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to enhance their selling skills.

Exciting news!
Some of Salesty’s esteemed authors are generously offering free copies of their latest books to raise awareness and gather honest reviews on Amazon.

This is an amazing opportunity to access invaluable sales knowledge from renowned experts - absolutely free!

But why are they doing this?

For authors, receiving initial reviews on Amazon is vital for book visibility and sales. By sharing copies with the Salesty community, they aim to receive genuine feedback, ratings, and reviews that will elevate their books’ rankings and discoverability.

As a Salesty member, it’s a win-win situation for you. You gain free access to cutting-edge sales strategies and insights from these accomplished authors. In return, you can support them by leaving an honest review on Amazon after reading the book.

Here is the form: