SparkReceipt (Android and iOS) to manage your expense reports

I’m absolutely terrible when it comes to keeping receipts. Somehow, I seem to lose track of these little pieces of paper. As a result, it’s impossible to provide receipts and get reimbursed!

SparkReceipt is a receipt scanner and storage application. But I think that this application is primarily aimed at sales people and small businesses, startups.

Relying on optical character recognition to scan receipts, you can now scan all receipts in one place to prepare your monthly expense reports.

Cloud storage keeps your receipts safe and secure and a collaborative feature that allows an entire group to track their expenses (great for accountability, share the info with your accountant).

By paying a monthly or yearly subscription, you can add more users to the account, with no limit on the number of documents that can be scanned or stored. You also have the ability to add an unlimited number of guest users to the account such as an external accountant, and create shareable links to facilitate sharing with other users. With SparkReceipt, tracking receipts just got a whole lot easier.

Download SparkReceipt from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store

Use a shoe box. When you get a receipt place it in the box. Each month take out said receipts and record them into your system. Or wait till your accountant requests them then hand over said box.

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I’d like to share an article that compares six receipt scanner apps, including SparkReceipt.