Some sales consultant, coach, trainer in the room?

A sales consultant contacted me privately, with a particular request: How could I help him develop his sales, his margin, his efficiency?

Some might scoff, why would a sales consultant need this services? Is he that bad? But let’s look at the reality. As easy as it is to have a critical look on the others, we can lack objectivity towards ourselves. And who has never doubted? Sometimes, the simple feedback of a peer can reassure us.

I found the approach intelligent, humble because we can all improve.
However, I do not feel legitimate to answer this request. For several reasons. First, my specialty is automation and tools. Secondly, my clients are very rarely freelancers, more often teams of sales people.
I’m not saying it doesn’t work, I’m just saying that my offering is only one facet of possible solutions. And then comes an idea …

What if we created a private club, to share our problems, solutions and best practices? A collaborative team approach of the question …

I myself have a rather solitary activity, and if my customers bring me a lot, I finally discuss very little with my peers…

The idea is here, interested people can contact me by email …

Edited : I saw that my post was not clear, I just re-edited it. The request comes from a sales consultant, and I understand that he preferred a private message.

Interesting that you suggest this. I say it is a good idea as I just launched a membership/club for professionals who struggle with selling. I have six strong initial members who are setting its direction as we go. Right now, amongst other items, it includes one group discussion on any random topic related to sales /mktg as you are visualizing. Yes! Go for it! Sales can be a lonely profession… we need each other!


Thanks Magie,
I would be happy to discuss this further with you, depending on your availability, would you have a moment to spare? You can schedule that here:

Happy to help. Having been an accountant and still train/coach people on finance I can help with his sales, margin management and efficiency.

Thank you!
I just re-edited my post, which may also change your perspective. You tell me …