Does Selling Make You Uncomfortable? No Matter How Experienced You Are?

If selling makes you uncomfortable, be you a new or seasoned professional, you are not alone. AND if of interest, you are invited to join a group of us who are “with you” … a group of professionals, at all levels of success, who share and/or relate to these feelings and are going from being fearful of selling to enjoying the entire selling process!
We are the “Joyful Not Fearful Selling Group” and are currently welcoming up to 15 new members by Nov 1st into our exclusive learning environment. We’ve created a safe place for acquiring a new positive perspective about selling, where ideas with peers are shared, confidence is gained, feedback is received & given, training is obtained, and basically … your own private “go to” for support and counseling for your selling success!

Know more about us and all our details by clicking on the following link. Come be one of our 15! Joyful Not Fearful Selling Invitation - Communicating- Today's Way, Inc..