Best Sales tools? Can you help?

I’d like to share a list of the best tools, software and services. I’ve already got my bookmarks, the ones I use for myself or with my customers, but I’d love to hear from you, share your feedback, and see if we can produce a kind of collaborative wiki for the community… What do you think?

Hi Laurent,
Good subject. Here are my favorite sales tools (most free, but some are paid):

  • CRM - SalesForce (for rich budgets), HubSpot (for lower or no budgets)
  • Task manager - ClickUp (more complex but more powerful) or Asana (simpler)
  • WebScraper - “Web Scraper - Free Web Scraping” Chrome Addon
  • Lead Generation - LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Research - Good collection of OSINT tools here (;, Lusha, RocketReach and DB Hoovers
  • Process mapping - -
  • Mind Mapping - Mind42 -
  • Catch all software - Excel or Google Sheets

The best “tool” I have ever used is ALWAYS ASKING FOR REFFERALS! :slight_smile:

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Thank you Laurent for proposing the idea of creating a collaborative wiki for tools, software, and services. I believe this initiative could greatly benefit our community.

I’d be more than happy to contribute to this collaborative effort by sharing my own experiences. As of now I am sharing just 3 of tools which I use:

  1. Link Shortening and Link Management: Bitly |
  2. Calculating duration between two dates and Add to or Subtract From a Date:
  3. QR Code Generator:

There are more than 50 such tools which I use and I would like to share them alongwith their features etc… on collaborative article.

Kindly let me know once you start wiki page or you want me to take initiative. By the way I am Wikipedia contributor. My contributions: User contributions for Altafhsayyed - Wikipedia


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