An alert about a comment in our Linkedin group

I forget too often the cultural differences between America and Europe, how humor can be misunderstood …

Yet it is not for lack of having joked many times with the #CatDay

Anyway, I do not even know if it is worth challenging this decision … I hate the impact of this syrupy self-righteousness of these big platforms that shamelessly crushes our freedom of expression …
In that too, this forum can be a breath of fresh air …!

Good one!
While I can see the reasoning behind, I find the whole context a bit too exaggerated. Yes, your question could be interpreted in a certain different way, but it’s still too exaggerated.

Anyway, we are living in a world of Politically Correct where everything can be/is interpreted differently by anyone, and then everybody tries to adjust … and this sometimes results in funny situations!