About public content

Interesting comment from Sabri Dalia in our Linkedin group about public content,
Everything I'll write here is my pov and I'm just giving it. Feel free to agree or disagree. For me It's better to be able to freely speak of sales from a sales point of view with sales people and without non sales people judging and commenting and be able to like and interact without all your customers to see. I know I don't like and interact on public posts related to sales techniques because imagine you see a new technique in the group and like it and all your contact see it and then you come up with your new technique that everyone saw you liked. You can forget the surprise effect. haha again it's just my opinion.

This is something I’ve talked about it with Mark who invited me to create a VIP area for community members. A place that would allow us to discuss even techniques forbidden on Linkedin for example…
Discourse allows us to rank members by activity, so a VIP group will be non public and only with active members, without lurkers …

What do you think about it?

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