Work in progress - My agenda as SysAdmin


  • CDN Setup with Bunny
  • Take a break, without members involvement, no projet
  • rebake for s3 content


  • Understand why the RSS plugin did not restart properly … Needed a reboot …

Step 1

  • Event plugin WP for the Portal
  • Make the forum attractive to members
  • Wizards plugin- I need to find the doc, then learn how to use it :wink:
  • Automation plugin - To install and discover …

Step 2

  • Embedded video meeting, in the forum or on the portal? arbitration!
  • Event integration for Online video meeting?
  • News Plugin
  • News Curation sce for members?
    with FreshRSS
    Docker on Arbitration
  • New Email templates ? for a nicer communication ? Acceptable for now
  • Nice usage of the voting plugin here :
    A sce probably useful when if we were to be more numerous
  • Oauth login via Linkedin/Google/FB ?
    easier for members to connect, and more secure …
    (we’ll wait the core integration of the sce, for avoiding short term migration)

Step 0 aka Done :laughing:

  • Security - First level with Askimet plugin installed
  • RSS plugin installed
  • Wizards plugin installed
  • Again ! Check DNS & Mx Sce - (DNS ok - DKIM ok - SPF ok Dmark ok)
  • Monitoring Vps & Email Sce - Hetrix
  • RSS plugin validated, great content curation solution by @emil.ivan !
  • RSS from the Lounge is published in our old FB group … ( with
  • Portal website updated for better global communication
  • Image optimisation, CDN & Litespeed Cache for
  • S3 Storage created with backblaze - automatic backup ok
  • Video meeting deployed
  • Event plugin for
  • Security addons
  • Google approval on Calendar Sync api