Shame on me, I must be cheap 😁

I don’t know about you, but there are tools that have become almost indispensable to me, that I use every day! There is often a paid version, but the free version is so functional that I don’t even have the elegance to pay them a subscription!

If I can’t pay for them, I’ll participate to make them known:

  • Deepl
    you know, my English is more than approximate, so
  • Cal Indispensable to propose meetings
  • Whereby
    Online video meetings in one click
  • Tally
    for forms
  • Make
    For automation
  • Waalaxy
    For Linkedin automation

What about you? Do you have any good tools to share?


You are better than I am - I have no time to invest in researching or using free resources - so, I simply make what I have work for now. Thankfully, my tools are working fine and Hubspot has been a life saver to staying organized!


I agree with you on one point Tanna, I also think that there is never an ideal answer or miracle tools, just solutions that suit us best.
You mention Hubspot, it’s funny because I have several clients who use it, so I was forced to put my fingers in … Now, that word alone makes me nauseous :laughing:

Love this subject!
Here’s my list:


  • HubSpot - free CRM; public calendar (like Cal); email opens tracking
  • ClickUp - task/project management
  • Zoho - Free domain email with IMAP/SMTP; free suite of apps including ticketing, CRM, etc …
  • GetPocket - centralize reading materials
  • BitWarden - cross device password manager
  • OneNote - Personal Knowledge Based System
  • Diagrams .net (ex Draw .io) for process mapping, business drawing and diagramming
  • Mind42 - MindMaps


  • ClipX (250 kb) - minimalist clipboard extender
  • TyperTask (50 kb) - text extender with macros (date, apps commands, etc …)
  • StrokesPlus .net (60 mb) - Mouse gestures that works in any app
  • xMind - Mind maps (local instal)
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I recently used for finding email addresses for a client. I thought the free version will last until 100 searches or so. However, I have searched more than 700 email addresses of prospects and it is still allowing me to search. So, I would recommend this one as a free tool to a sales person to find email addresses of prospects. I have embedded this tool in my Linkedin account and when I search a prospect via LI, I just have to open this extension and click on “Find Email” and it fetches the correct email address. The bounce rates are also lower than other tools…I have found.

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Yep, Apollo offers an amazing service … You could complete it with if you are feed up of the 25 email limitation …

Indeed, cold emailing is probably the worst prospecting strategy, that offers a poor transformation rate … We have amazing results by messaging … That could be some great new topic :wink:

Just finding my way around the forum. My free tool of choice has to be canva. I have used the free version for 2 years without feeling shortchanged of any capabilities. I have just upgraded to a fee suscription because of a client’s needs for just one capability not in the free version … I still recommend the free version.

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