Offshore Staffing

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I am the founder and director of a well-established IT services company based in Mumbai, India, with over 10 years of existence. Our core focus is providing skilled software developers and IT professionals on an offshore contract basis to international clients. Our strengths lie in our streamlined processes, efficient management methods, and exceptional value for your investment.

I want to inform you that we have a vast network of experienced candidates available for remote job opportunities. Our company specializes in sourcing, hiring, and managing all aspects of these candidates, including administration and payroll.

I have published articles related to HR, remote working, and offshore staffing on LinkedIn as well as Medium. My Medium publication People Matters is available at the following link: People Matters - Medium

Additionally, I have been actively contributing to Wikipedia on topics related to offshoring and other subjects. You can find my Wikipedia contributions at this link: User contributions for Altafhsayyed - Wikipedia

I invite you to go through my articles that interest you. Also, I am available for a 30-minute free conversation to discuss topics related to offshoring, contract staffing, or remote staffing. You can find a link to book my time on my LinkedIn profile. I look forward to your response.

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Director, Nimetler Technologies Private Limited
LinkedIn: Altaf Hussain Sayyed - Director - Nimetler Technologies Private Limited | LinkedIn