Now everyone knows about online video meetings ;)

Thank you COVID-19, now everyone is familiar with online video meetings :wink:

I was discussing this with two fellow members, and one of them said, for Salesty it would be great, to finally see and discuss with the group! I’ve known some of them for years!

Ok, but for what uses then?
And the ideas came:

  • To have a Guest, a member of the group that we could interview
  • To pitch our offer, to find partners, to create synergies
  • Bring together several experts on a theme
  • Just discuss, chat, without webcasting, in private!
  • Pitcher to simply get feedback, improve in private
  • HR - Broadcast interesting job offers
  • Find a job, network
  • etc.

Ok, I say, let’s launch a little vote to see!

Technically, video is easy to deploy, but I explained that I was a little tired of paying for the community …

Their proposal:

  • If some members agree to give a little, there are solutions not too expensive …
  • Or we make a low membership fee, and priority for them to participate ?

I have looked at

  • Whereby Business (closed group) starts at 30$/month
  • Streamyard Pro (open group streaming Lnk) starts at $49/month

Online video meetings for the community?

  • Great, I participate
  • I’ll watch
  • I don’t know
  • No, thanks

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I’d break more inclined to attend a LIVE meeting - small regional programs for the membership. Keep it affordable and make it more of a collaborative conversation, vs. a talking head. Perhaps one strong speaker and then round tables that rotate. Table topics within interest levels only 10 seats at the table with 45 minute rotations. Perhaps some Ted Talk format 5 x 7 where they share their information in seven minute snippets and then the table discusses.

I’m all about live - definitely have virtual weariness…

  1. I agree with prev points about LIVE meetings. Also, recording/archiving for future use might become handy

  2. Pricing for software to sustain the forum should be pretty low in total. If you ask me, I would go with a donnation system (via Patreon/Paypal/Revolut… etc) and allow people to contribute.
    Wikipedia is successfully using this model for funding, while, I am convinced that if they had a paid membership system, they would raise less money.
    Also, some medals can be awarded to contributors, and some similar cost-free other perks (I am thinking maybe Twitter/FB validated account badge) …
    I am not against a paid model, but it can create the perception that the group was made for profit reasons, and it can easily loose traction.

I don’t know this format, but it sounds like a lot of fun!
Would you like to host some live meetings?

1.ok, go for live :slight_smile:

  1. in case of public broadcast, the recording is automatic

  2. As far as budget is concerned, I’ve kept it to a minimum. When a hosted forum costs between 50 and 100€/month, the fact that I administrate it allows me to go down to 20€.

  3. I have no worries about financing the video for a few months, but if there is no participation or donation, I’m not mother Theresa :wink:

  4. We agree on the main goal, it must remain as free as possible for the members. I am rather for a play or pay model. If some come only to promote their products and services, they are the ones who pay. On the contrary the active members earn bonuses. In short, gamification …

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If not, are you willing to organize and host live shows? Do you have any favorite subjects ?

The project is progressing a little bit… I have prepared a reservation calendar for the members who will honor us by organizing an online meeting

Now we just have to set up a conference room and try it all :wink: