Linkedin invitation tracker

As everyone knows, making full use of invitation quotas on LinkedIn is important for 5 reasons. When a profile accepts your connection request :

  1. he is much more exposed to your publications, for a few days (until the algorithm can determine whether your content interests him)
  2. you can send them messages for free (without using InMail credit)
  3. you can see their activity (likes, comments, posts), which opens up opportunities to approach them;
  4. the number of connections isn’t just a vanity metric… it helps build public credibility
  5. the more people you’re connected to, the more you can see when you search.

The thing is… obviously, LinkedIn limits the number of connection requests each week. There’s a quota. If you exceed this quota, LinkedIn displays the famous popup entitled “You’ve reached the weekly invitation limit”.

And if you reach this limit repeatedly, your account will be banned. So you can’t invite the whole world.

The problem is that 100% of the sales people I know don’t keep an accurate account of the invitations they’ve sent out over the past few days. So they’re forced to play it safe and significantly limit the number of invitations they send out each week. As a result, they under-utilize this prospecting channel.

A small Chrome extension automatically records the number of connect requests sent each week. It’s free. You can install the extension in one click from the Chrome store: